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We are committed to bringing your product to market as fast as possible. Besides being well founded in Lean/Agile methodology and DevOps, we rely on our seasoned experience with React.


Working together as closely and efficiently as possible every step of the way, our hands-on team will deliver results within weeks.


Both technical and professional, we know what we are talking about.


We´re a well-oiled team of highly skilled and experienced developers and we have been providing kickass solutions to interesting challenges for years.


Our collective expertise, a team of passionate developers, designers and trainers, all at your service to create top of the bill experiences.

Braulio Díez

Technical Lead

JavaScript / Typescript developer (old hand coming from .net background), trainer, writter and spealer. More than 20 years involved on international projects.

Jaime Salas

Senior Developer

Technical Telecommunications Engineer, Master's Degree in Web Engineering (RIAtec) at the University of Málaga, Front-End (React and AngularJS) and Back-End developer (nodejs and .net stack).

Daniel Sánchez

Senior Developer

Technical Telecommunications Engineer, Master's Degree in Web Engineering (RIAtec) at the University of Málaga, Front-End (React) senior developer.

Jose Manuel Díez


Besides being a superb accountant, Jose is a C++ / Qt developer. He also runs this open source project

Santiago Camargo


Lemoncoder with experience in several technologies and React/Redux and real time applications specialist.

Sara Lissette Ibañez

Senior Developer

Web developer with experience in JavaScript, Vue, progressive web applications (PWA), web performance and modern web architecture. Sometimes she takes a trip down memory lane, fooling around with some old school stuff where it all started at .net

Javier Calzado

Senior Developer

Technical Telecommunications Engineer, senior C++ developer and Front-End specialist in React/Redux and wide web ecosystem enthusiast. Passion for design, aesthetics and details.

Gonzalo Jiménez

Senior Developer

DevOps and developer, real time applications specialist, hooked on functional programming and orchestrating deployments in the cloud.

Antonio Contreras

Junior Developer

Junior Front End Developer React specialist. JavaScript lover, always open to changes and eager to absorb new concepts and technologies.

Manuel Vilches

Junior Developer

Junior Front End Developer React specialist.

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September 3rd 2019

Global state with React

With the release of context API in React 16.3 and especially hooks in React 16.8, a new world of possibilites suddenly arose. As we discovered the cleanliness and simplicity of hooks, Redux started to feel like overly complex and verbose with all those containers, reducers, action creators and so on. The question didn't take too long; if new React context was designed to feed a whole component tree with data, wouldn't it be possible to redefine the global state pattern by using native context plus hooks?

August 27th 2019

Hello Docker !!

Docker has left behind its "buzzword" time. By now it has been deeply incorporated by the industry due to its simplicity for packaging applications and later running applications, especially in distributed systems. In the cloud, Docker avoids having to install tons of dependencies, which makes it really easy to upgrade production systems and their maintenance.

If (almost) everyone is running their applications using containers, especially Docker, I bet you want to learn it, too, right?

July 2nd 2019

JavaScript ES6 Intl not working properly when running Jest tests

ES6 ships a namespace to handle internationalization, but if we create tests that use that namespace and run them using Jest likely will fail.

Jest tests don’t run on top of the browser; they run under Node.js, which doesn’t ship the full internationalization support by default.



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